Interview Coaching

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In selecting a Mock Interviewing Coach to work closely with you on a job search campaign, there should be multiple factors to keep in mind, some more important than others. Resume assessment and development are, of course, vital yet there are other factors that help comprise a total package. One of them would be Mock Interviewing Coach assistance to help you gain confidence and be optimally effective when talking with a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager.

As a highly experienced Career Coach, I have provided interviewing Coaching Services to many clients at different career stages with varying amounts of experience. A core component of my Coaching is collaborating with clients to prepare them to interview for roles they know technically, as well as roles that diverge from their “wheelhouse” expertise and command of terminology.

I often play the role of a Mock Interviewing Coach by welcoming a candidate to the interview and asking several questions such as s/he is in the labor market; why s/he is interested in the specific role at “my” company;” and core skills that the person would bring to the job and company. And, of course, there is the subject that one always needs to prepare for: areas for improvement or a professional deficiency.

This kind of role playing is valuable, even for senior executives, because many people in the job market have not interviewed for years. Clients are often surprised at their struggles to interview effectively “under pressure” of a mock interview.

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My 25+ years of Executive Recruiting and Career Coaching enable me to provide interesting, fun, and memorable experiences to those who need Interviewing Coaching Services. The repetition of mock interviews helps hone one’s interview skills, provides greater confidence, and solidifies poise in handling interviews under the pressures of time constraints and interviewers often looking to rule out candidates. This is why you need Interviewing Coaching Services.

I am ready and eager to collaborate with you for the best Interviewing Coaching Services!